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ACQUIRED SPECIMENS. The quality and scientific value of the specimens found at the digsite, as well as the comprehensive documentation and photographic record completed, has resulted in several of our Jurassic Period dinosaurs finding new homes in museums around the world.
Articulated Camarasaurus The Camarasaurus. Discovered at the digsite in 2007, the Camarasaurus was featured on national television and many newspapers across the country...more
'Wally' Camptosaurus. In 2007, while excavating complete, large Camarasaurus, we found a set of Camptosaurus bones in the quarry wall of the digsite. We nicknamed the in-the-wall specimen, ‘Wally’...more
Arky Campto from hill 'Arky' Camptosaurus. Arky the Camptosaurus was discovered at the digsite in 2006, and was named after the girlfriend of our terrific trackhoe operator...more
Stegosaurus from above Stegosaurus 'Sophie'. Described as Stegosaurus armatus, 'Sophie'- formerly known as 'Sarah' is among the top 3 Stegosaurus in the world and may be the most complete Stegosaurus specimen ever found...more