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General Q & A

For additional information, please contact us through the Contact Us form. General hours of operation: Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm CST--but we know the online world is 24/7.  You can get updates on our inventory by subscribing to our RSS feeds

Q1:  Are you resellers?  The Jurassic dinosaur bones and teeth go from the digsite to the prep lab to you - true to our tagline: From Digsite to Website. You are the first owner of these items - since the original owner died some 145,000,000+ years ago. All artwork and many Curio items are original and one-of-a-kind, unless otherwise indicated.

Bones & Teeth Q & A

Q1: Are other fossils available besides the items on this website?  It is not uncommon for other bones and teeth to be in the queue or available at any time. Please contact us to make an inquiry.

Q2: Do you sell fossils for other collectors?  While we prefer to limit our inventory to materials found at our digsite, we will consider consignment items upon request.

Q3: Can anyone dig up dinosaurs?  It is illegal to excavate vertebrate remains on federal land & state parks unless you are affiliated with an accredited museum or institution where public study is available. Our bones come from private land where we operate under a fossil rights agreement with the landowner.

Q4: What is a certificate of authenticity?  Each bone or tooth specimen is shipping with documentation that states the date and location of the fossil discovery, and verifies that its comes from legal, privately-owned land.

Paleo Art Q & A

Q1:  Can the artwork be displayed outdoors?  No, unless otherwise indicated all artwork has been designed and produced for indoor display only, or damage from the elements could occur.

Q2:  Do you do commissioned artwork? Yes, please contact us and we’ll discuss what you have in mind.

Q3:  Do you ever accept the work of other artists for consignment sales?  Yes, indeed. We happily review the original work of other Paleo-theme artists, display designers and craftsman for this possibility. Please contact us.

Curios Q & A

Q1:  What kind of items are available?  Our Cabinet of Curiosities is always curious - and always expanding! We will carry polished rocks & minerals (single items and whole collections), paleo- and archaeo-objets d'art and collectibles, partial dinosaur bones and other fossils, apparel, jewelry, etc. As long as it falls into a 'paleo' theme and it's unique, desirable, eye-catching and fine quality, we'll carry it.

Q2:  Do you ever accept the work of other designers/collectors for consignment sales?  Absolutely. Please contact us if you are interested in consignment sales of your item(s).