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aerial shot of Stegosaurus Sarah discoverMEET STEGOSAURUS SARAH. Stegosaurus Sarah is now called "Stegosaurus Sophie"! This specimen can be viewed in its new home at the London Museum of Natural History.

Described as Stegosaurus armatus, "Sophie" is among the top 3 Stegosaurus in the world and may be the most complete Stegosaurus specimen ever found. This fully prepared, 80%+ complete Jurassic dinosaur was discovered on our private ranch digsite by field paleontologist Bob Simon. The 19-ft. sub-adult specimen was originally named 'Sarah' in honor of the ranchowner's daughter. 

Stegosaurus Sarah spike plate

4 tail spikes and 18 dermal plates were found - the most dermal plates found for a single specimen to date...view plate and spike detail

View Stegosaurus Sarah's In-Situ Bone Map

Fully prepared Stegosaurus specimenMapping and preparation. After weeks of careful bone mapping, documentation and excavation, the specimen was jacketed, crated and shipped to the highly-respected Sauriermuseum Aathal lab in Switzerland for preparation.

Stegosaurus Sophie is one of the most complete, well -preserved Stegosaurus to be mounted in a free-standing position.

Stegosaurus Sarah skull parts Near-complete skull. Featuring one of the best, near-complete skulls, Stegosaurus Sarah is missing only the left orbital, left jugal, prefrontals and lachrymals.

The disarticulated but essentially complete skull included 32 loose teeth - no other Stegosaurus skull has been found with so many teeth preserved...view Sarah skull and teeth detail