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RETURN POLICY. All costs related to packing, shipping and insuring returned items, or bone repair are the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact us for any questions about returns or refunds before making your purchase. We do not issue post-purchase discounts for dinosaur or fossil specimens broken during shipment, as we have no control over handling once a shipment has been sent. We do our best to pack fragile specimens with the utmost care.

OVERSEAS SHIPPING: Due to all risks related to shipping from the US to international locations - including Europe, Asia, and Australia - we cannot issue refunds or exchanges for any reason, including for items lost in shipment. 

Campto Tibia and FibulaCamptosaurus Tibia & Fibula

For Jurassic Dinosaur Bones & Teeth. Contact us within 24 hours of receipt of any damaged goods, as all items are considered “yours” upon delivery. Please retain all packing materials and documentation. No refunds will be issued for international shipments.

Bone Breaks. When a clean break occurs, in most cases the break can be easily repaired by the buyer. We can walk you through processes and materials needed by phone or email. 

Two boxes For Paleo Art. For original artwork, you may make a return or request a repair by email or phone within 48 hours of receipt. Refunds may be provided upon return of the item to us.

Replacement mirrors/glass may also be available for artwork that arrives damaged. To request a repair, please contact us. The buyer assumes all costs for repair materials and shipping.

Sara Jungle Jasper bookends

For Curios. The Curios Gallery includes both one-of-a-kind items and some products that may be available in different sizes and/or colors.

Some products are nonreturnable and nonrefundable as indicated in the Product Detail. Returns for a refund, if applicable, may be made within 48 hours and paid upon return receipt of the item(s).