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Prepped Arky Campatosaurus, wall mountARKY CAMPTOSAURUS. Arky the Camptosaurus was discovered at the digsite in 2006, and was nicknamed after the girlfriend of our Team Paleo trackhoe operator. The specimen is most likely a sub-adult and close to 85% complete.

Arky is now featured at the Sauriermuseum Athal, an amazing dinosaur museum in Switzerland. Click here for more images.

Arky Campatosaurus bone mapArky bone map.  The red areas show bones  found.


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 Arky Camptosaurus at Sauriermuseum Aathal & in the field

Don Pfister preparing to excavate Arky rib Arky tail vertebrae
Sauriermuseum Athal
prep team with Arky specimen
Arky vertebrae & other bones
Arky vertebral column


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