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ABOUT PALEOGALLERY. Launched in 2006, PaleoGallery is an unparalleled online source for artfully-prepared Jurassic dinosaur bones & teeth and near-complete dinosaur specimens--all which comes direct to you From Digsite to Website(TM). We share a life-long fascination with dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, and all things 'paleo'. What's believe that what's old is always new, because it always teaches and inspires us.

PaleoGallery Online Store

Our online store truly brings it from the digsite to the website. Each Jurassic specimen in the Bones & Teeth Gallery has been excavated --with permission--at a digsite located on private ranch land in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming USA. We respect the scientific importance of our work. We also recognize that people relish owning a valuable piece of prehistory.

The Paleo Art Gallery features the original work of paleo artists. If you are an artist whose work embraces a paleo theme, and would like to be considered for inclusion in the Art Gallery, please contact us

Curios is the new "Cabinet of Curiosities", offering partial dinosaur bones, fossils, beautiful rocks and minerals, scrimshaw jewelry, and other paleo gifts and objects.

PaleoGallery also offers museum-quality Jurassic dinosaur specimens found at our digsite. Learn about Junior the Apatosaurus, Allosaurus X, and more.