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We have a wide array of genuine fossils available from Late Jurassic Period dinosaurs (about 145 million years old) - many of which are the finest to be found in the world.

From Digsite to Website™.  Specimens go direct from the private ranch digsite to our prep labs to PaleoGallery, and new items are posted as prepared. Each Jurassic dinosaur specimen comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with discovery date and location. We usually avoid doing any reconstruction unless it is absolutely required or requested.

Investing in Jurassic Fossils.  PaleoGallery caters to collectors and designers looking for the prehistoric and valuable. Every Jurassic bone is an opportunity to own a piece of ancient history that will increase in value over time. Fossils like these also make extraordinary, natural works of art for home décor.

Check out our quality partial bones and bone chunks available by the lb. in our Curios Gallery. Chunks are not agatized for lapidary work but terrific for teachers, novice preparators, and the wonder of 'touching time"! Contact us for more information.

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