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Welcome to Paleo Bites - the official blog of and our Paleo Team!

These articles talk about the art and science of digging for Jurassic dinosaur bones at our digsite in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming USA.

True Science articles are about our dig experiences, the dinosaur specimens we find, and our work in the prep lab.

Articles in Dig It! cover the lighter side of field paleontology.

Our latest True Science article is Pretty. Spectacular. Dinosaur! by Bob Simon, about the science (and hard work) surrrounding the discovery and excavation of Junior the Apatosaurus at our digsite.

Archived articles are available to the left.

Please note: All Paleo Bites articles and images are under copyright. While it's OK to share article links with the world, our copyrighted materials may not be otherwise used or reprinted without written permission.

Comments and questions are welcome - just contact us.