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Wally caudals in matrixWALLY CAMPTOSAURUS. In 2007, while excavating complete, large Camarasaurus, we found a set of Camptosaurus bones in the quarry wall of the digsite. We nicknamed the in-the-wall specimen, ‘Wally’.

Wally Camptosaurus – which has a new home in a U.S. museum - was found in the bottom of the death zone known as the Semi-Articulation -Isolated Bone Unit. This layer is immediately above the Articulation Bone Unit that held the large Camarasaurus.

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Wally Camptosaurus foot bones Most of Wally’s bones were partially prepared or unprepared, making it difficult to achieve an accurate bone count. Wally Camptosaurus appears to be 20-30% complete.
Wally Camptasaurus tail vertebra A portion of the tail was articulated, as was a part of the pelvic section and one of the feet. The leg bones and another foot were found somewhat articulated but mostly bunched together.
Wally's lower leg bones

Typical of the Semi-Artiulation/Isolated Bone layer, Wally's bones were both semi-articulated and disarticulated. The ribs, many vertebrae, and other bones were scattered within a 10-foot area. Of special interest were the many ossified tendons found with the pelvic or hip section.

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