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Bob and Don at digsiteJURASSIC SPECIMENS. Digging for Jurassic dinosaurs isn’t easy on the human body, and geologic forces over 145+ million years isn’t kind to dinosaur remains. But there are times when careful, patient work reveals the wonder of a near-complete museum-quality specimen.

Available for acquisition. PaleoGallery has been involved in the excavation of important Jurassic dinosaur specimens like the ones listed below. Each dinosaur was discovered and excavated on private range land in Big Horn County, WY, and is now available for museum or private sale. Full documentation is available. Contact us for more information.

See acquired specimens now in new museum homes.

Junior Apatosaurus discovery in ground Meet 'Junior' the Apatosaurus. “Junior”, a juvenile, plant-eating Sauropod, Apatosaurus, is a significant and scientifically valuable find in a relatively small package. This unprepared specimen is estimated to be 80% complete or more and is fully excavated, jacketed and in secure storage...more

Meet Allosaurus X. A juvenile Allosaurus specimen was discovered at the digsite in 2012, with the fairly well-articulated skeleton running along a band of river channel sandstone.

Estimated at close to 70% complete, with most of the skull and jaws intact, this Jurassic predator is another. important find..more


Our Specimens Now in Museums. Other amazing Jurassic dinosaur specimens from the digsite have already been acquired by museums, like the big Camarasaurus, Arky Camptosaurus, Stegosaurus Sarah, and Wally Camptosaurus...more