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Bob SimonBOB SIMON. Robert I. Simon has been involved in the discovery, documentation, excavation, study, and preservation of Jurassic dinosaur bones for close to 15 years.

Prior to this, Bob was a petroleum geologist at Chevron Oil Company, New Orleans, Louisiana, for 21 years. He has also served as a physical scientist at the Defense Mapping Agency, Washington, D.C.

Bob "founded" the digsite after recognizing bone-bearing layers on a private ranch located in Big Horn County, Wyoming, USA.

Under his leadership, a number of world-class, near-complete specimens have been found --including an adult Camarasaurus (now at the Fukui Museum in Japan), Junior Apatosaurus, and Stegosaurus Sarah (now "Stegosaurus Sophie" at the London Museum of Natural History).

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Prepping Camasaurus bones. After spending up to 3 months during the summer excavating Jurassic dinosaur specimens, Bob prepares many of the bones and teeth found here on PaleoGallery. He shares his key learnings and 'mystery bones' with vertebrate paleontologists in museums around the country, knowing that fueling further scientific research is paramount in his field.

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Professional associations. Bob is an active member of the Richmond (VA) Gem and Mineral Society, and is a member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontologists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. He also donates his time to speak about Jurassic dinosaurs to various public groups.