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Terry Pfister Camarasaurus Jurassic Dig SiteTERRY PFISTER. Terry Pfister is an avid student of Jurassic dinosaurs and ancient history, as well as an artist, writer, photographer, and the owner of PaleoGallery. Her fascination with dinosaurs started young, when she brought home her first library books on the monsters of the prehistoric world.

Photographing the Camarasaurus. Terry travels to the Big Horn Basin in Wyoming each summer to spend a number of weeks digging with the team at the Jurassic Period digsite--the results of which provide the bones, teeth and dinosaur specimens offered on the website.


Paleo art with fossils Art inspiration. Holding the first dinosaur fossil she'd ever found in the field, Terry thought, “I am touching time.” The original artwork by Terry Pfister is inspired by her love of the ancient world. After digging for dinosaur bones, and searching for marine fossils and rocks and minerals each summer in the wonderland of Wyoming, she captures the magic of her experiences in complex, colorful 3D mosaic creations.

Her work has been showcased throughout the Chicagoland area. She also does commissioned work for home and office decor.

Terry Pfister at digsite Writer and author. Her other professional experience includes over 20 years in marketing communications. A prolific writer, Terry has ghostwritten books on such diverse topics as science, health, motivation, and business development.