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Bone Zone. Supporting our local Gem, Mineral and Fossil clubs and associations is a fun part of our business. Last week, we displayed our paleo-wares at the semi-annual Richmond VA show. Among the items brought for display were bones from the Jurassic plant-eating Sauropod, Diplodocus.

We've been prepping elements of a very partial specimen found in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming. Here are some of the specimens we spotlighted, some of which are available on PaleoGallery:

Diplo Fibula and Pubis Diplo Pubis PGD32K

Diplodocus Fibula, Pubis and Tail Vertebrae       Diplodocus Pubis PGD32K and Tails verts                   

Diplo caudalsDiplo Fibula

Diplodocus Caudal/Tail Vertebrae                          Diplodocus Fibula (upper leg bone)

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