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Fall 2012 Fossil Show. Here are some of our digsite specimens, either prepped or in progress, featured at a recent Fossil Show. When available, they will be posted in the Bones & Teeth Gallery.
Sauropod foot bones Sauropod Foot Bones. This amazing assemblage includes metatarsals, toe bones and a claw from a young adult Camarasaurus.
Camptosaurus bones in jacket Camptosaurus Bones in jacket. Still in progress, this cluster of Camptosaurus bones found in the field include toe bones and a femur, hip bones, vertebrae and some ribs. Groupings like this usually come from the same dinosaur.
Stegosaurus humerus Stegosaurus humerus. This beauty is the 21" upper arm bone of a Stegosaurus - very rare!
Theropod pelvic section

Theropod Hip Bones. In the foreground is an illium, and behind it are some sacral vertebrae - all from a Jurassic Theropod and in prep.


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