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Torvosaurus tooth just excavatedABOUT TORVOSAURUS. Torvosaurus teeth have been found at the digsite and from their size it is clear that this was one huge, meat-eating dinosaur.

Torvosaurus (“savage lizard”) was a bipedal Theropod that lived during the Late Jurassic Period of North America, and may have been present in Europe (Portugal). Fossil remains have been excavated in Wyoming, Colorado and Utah (U.S.)

There are some paleontologists that believe that Torvosaurus is really just a larger species of Allosaurus. Until more fossil remains are discovered, Torvosaurus still holds the top spot as the biggest carnivore of its time.


Torvorosaurus tooth in-ground Torvosaurus teeth. As we dig, we watch for Torvosaurus teeth by keeping a sharp eye out for anything black and shiny. Sometimes 'black and shiny' turns out to be carbonized plant material. Other times, this vigilance really pays off.

Torvosaurus was originally discovered by paleontologists James A. Jensen and Kenneth Stadtman in the Morrison Formation at Dry Mesa quarry in Colorado in 1972. Torvosaurus had a massive body, possibly reaching up to 40 ft in length and weighing up to 3 tons.


Torvo tooth serrations Large teeth and claws. Torvosaurus had huge thumb claws and many large, sharp, serrated teeth. This rare 4.25in. tooth from the digsite shows large, distinct serrations.

See prepared Torvosaurus teeth available in the Bones & Teeth Gallery


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