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Allosaurus dinosaur specimen in fild

Meet Allosaurus X. Late in the 2012 dig season, while digging along the outer rim of the main bone bed of our Jurassic Period digsite, we found a collection of dinosaur bones that we could identify as "Allosaurus".

In the true spirit of "check the ground you are sitting on", a large matrix blob - which was in the way of getting at other bones in the wall - turned out to hold the complete upper skull of an Allosaurus.

Many other bones were recovered in 2013 and we now know we have a young adult Allosaurus specimen that is close to 70% complete.

Here are a few prepped samples of Al-X: skull bones and upper jaws, dorsal vertebrae, limb bones and braincase.

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Al-X maxilla premax skull

Allosaurus X teeth in dinosaur jaws
Allosaurus dorsal vert