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DEATH ZONE 3:  The Semi-Articulation/Isolated Bone Unit lies just above the Articulation Bone layer
semi-articulation/isolated bone unitSemi-Articulation /Isolated Bone Unit. Just above the Articulation Bone Unit, the Semi-Articulation Unit does hold dinosaur remains but they are difficult to find due to the scattered and sporadic nature of their occurrence. Here we find partially articulated dinosaurs, groupings of disarticulated specimens, and often large and isolated bone elements - usually in pockets that appear to be randomly deposited.

In the image are a Camarasaurus tibia, fibula and Camptosaurus bones.

semi-articulation/isolated bones unitTransported by flood. The location and “pattern” of the dinosaur remains in this unit appears to be a result of wide-spread flooding events. As with the isolated Camptosaurus ishium in the image, flood waters scooped up anything in their paths and deposited the remains wherever the velocity of the traveling waters decreased or subsided.


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