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ABOUT ALLOSAURUS. 'Allosaurus' means "different/strange lizard" for the unusual shape and lighter weight of its vertebrae.

Allosaurus remains have been found at the digsite and this Jurassic dinosaur was the most common meat-eating Theropod of the Late Jurassic Period. Its success is reflected in that fact that fossil remains have been found not only in Wyoming but also in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Utah (U.S.) - as well as parts of Europe, and possibly Africa and Australia.

An adult Allosaurus could grow up to 40 feet in length, stand 10 feet high at the hip and weigh over a ton. Back to Jurassic Dinosaurs.

Diplodocus pubis with claw and tooth marksFormidable hunter. Allosaurus had large, muscular hind legs that likely made it a fast runner - or a tenacious one. It has been theorized that Allosaurus hunted alone for smaller prey, but may have hunted in packs to more easily bring down large Sauropods. This is a photo of a Diplodocus pubis found at the digsite. Note the claw marks from a feeding Allosaurus.


Allosaurus tooth with root material Sharp teeth. Featuring a massive head, Allosaurus had a pair of blunt ridges or horns above and in front of the eyes, and large, powerful jaws lined with sharp, serrated, recurved teeth.

Allosaurus constantly grew, shed, and replaced its teeth, which explains why so many loose teeth have been found at the digsite.

Juvenile Allosaurus claws

Massive claws. The shorter arms terminated in hand bones with 3 clawed fingers. The feet had 3 clawed toes with sharp, massive claws.

Allosaurus foot claw


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