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Status: Available
Product No: PGCr3100
Item: Crocodile Skull Late Cretaceous
Cost (USD): $3,600.00
Size: 40 inches long

This is a beautiful crocodile skull from Morocco. Unlike many that are sold elsewhere, this is an authentic specimen. Provenance:

Gavial Dyrosaurus phosphaticus
Late Cretaceous, 70-65 million years
Benguerir Ouidad Addoun Basin, phosphate deposits
Morocco, North Africa

This is an important collectible as specimens like this are becoming increasingly rare.


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Additional Info

Preparation included matrix or rock removal and stabilization of the matrix for display. Expert prep-down was performed on this specimen!

This skull is in two sections that can be easily and smoothly reattached. We are leaving the specimen in two sections for easier, safer, and less expensive handling and shipping.



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