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Status: Available
Product No: PGD132KRU
Item: Diplodocid Barosaurus Cervical Vertebra
Cost (USD): $1,200.00
Size: 20" by 12" by 4"

This is a partially prepared cervical or neck vertebra from a Jurassic Diplodocid dinosaur, either Diplodocus or Barosaurus, based on the elongate nature of the vertebra and processes.

It is very rare to see one of these for sale due to their fragile nature and difficult preparation. This specimen is ideal for someone who wants a Sauropod neck vertebra at a good price - especially if you want to test your preparation skills.


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Additional Info

The bone is black and hard but extremely thin in places. Matrix has been partially removed - it's hard stuff with a lot of gypsum present.  No restoration done. 

The vertebra was found and excavated in 2 sections that were professionally reattached.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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Shipping & handling includes insurance and applicable sales tax determined at time of purchase.

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