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Fair Trade Larimar and Amber Jewelry. Direct from the Dominican Republic, the Larimar and Amber jewelry in the Jewelry Gallery is handmade by a local Dominican family with whom we have a personal relationship.

Each piece is unique, craftsmanship is excellent, stones are authentic, and the silver is genuine .925 unless otherwise indicated.

While we cannot guarantee that the amber in our jewelry holds bits of recognizable plant or insect fossils, we know that you'll enjoy seeing what you can discover when you put your own piece under magnification.

About Larimar. The Dominican Republic enjoys the reputation of being the only place on earth that supplies the beautiful, sea-inspired mineral known as Larimar - an unusual and rare blue variety of pectolite. Coloration of the stone can vary from white and light-blue to green-blue and deep blue.
About Dominican Amber. The local mines also yield an incredible volume of fossil inclusion-rich amber. Dominican amber conservatively dates back about 25 million years, from the Oligocene to the Miocene. It is resin (tree sap) from an extinct tropical tree (Hymenaea protera), a species which dates back 35-40 million years.

Clarity & Inclusions. Dominican amber is usually quite transparent, which differentiates it from the darker, cloudier Baltic amber. The fact that it generally has a higher number of botanical and insect inclusions is another plus. Some larger chunks of amber found in the DR reveal small reptile or amphibian fossils frozen in time!

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