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Status: Sold
Product No: PGT20
Item: Time's Arrow
Cost (USD): $0.00
Size: 12in x 12in

This is a unique, original art-mirror custom crafted by artist Terry Pfister in inviting, iridescent desert colors.

170-million year old fossil belemnites (extinct "squid") form the chevron, accented by a beautiful array of agates and semi-precious gemstones.

Terry's inspiration quote on the back includes: "There was once a thriving, expansive ocean that covered vast areas of what we now call Wyoming..There is a mysterious stillness here, like time’s arrow has slowed its eternal path forward. You are here, now, and that is all that matters. "


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Featuring: iridescent glass mosaic tile, 170 million year-old Sundance Formation (WY) fossil belemnites (squid/cuttlefish ancestor), labradorite, amazonite, turquoise, amethyst, citrine, yellow jasper, sodalite, banded agate, Dalmatian stone, brecciated jasper, and other minerals.

For hanging or tabletop display, indoor only.

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