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Status: Sold
Product No: PGD1267D
Item: Diplodocus Claw
Cost (USD): $0.00
Size: 6" long

This is a back foot claw from a Jurassic Period Diplodocid dinosaur, most likely Diplodocus. We came to this identification after pouring through numerous scientific papers, and getting additional expert opinions. Two of our images show this Diplodocus claw next to a Camarasaurus claw for comparison.

The proximal-cup end is compressed, with a little round indentation on one side. The Diplodocid claw was found with a partial leg bone on top of it. Between the weight of the leg bone and being covered by layers of mud and silt over time, the claw was likely pressed into a stone in the pebbly layer beneath it and the indentation formed.


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Preparation included matrix or rock removal and some fracture filling. No reconstruction.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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