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Status: Available
Product No: PGA1266D
Item: Allosaurus Juvenile Femur (Left)
Cost (USD): $4,900.00
Size: 18" long

This is the complete left femur from a juvenile Allosaurus, the Jurassic Period predator. Bone quality and surface texture are excellent and all distinctive features are well-preserved.

There's a 3" compressed or indented area on one side (visible in image of lateral view). This was caused by another bone that was lying on top of this femur as it fossilized.

The striations you see on the anterior trochanter are tendon/ligament attachment grooves. Such grooves are visible on the greater trochanter too. These are rarely preserved, making this a unique specimen.


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Preparation included matrix or rock removal and fracture filling, including filling some small chipped areas on the bone surface. No restoration or reconstruction.

This specimen is even more impressive in person! Contact us for higher-res images. 

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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