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Status: Sold
Product No: PGAP1219D
Item: Apatosaurus Diplodocid Metacarpals Toes
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Size: See below

This partial front foot set includes three metacarpals and three digits from the front foot of a juvenile Diplodocid, probably Apatosaurus. The metacarpals come from the same dinosaur, same foot. Beautiful shape and quality and very sturdy, dense bone.

The three digits were found near the metacarpals and likely come from the same dinosaur. However, it is difficult to determine actual toe alignment. We show two display options.


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Additional Info

Preparation included rock/matrix removal and some fracture filling. No reconstruction.

Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Contact us to see more images.

Two larger metacarpals measure is 8.5" L and look very similar. Smaller one is 8" L.


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