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Status: Available
Product No: PGDM05C
Item: Lone Bull Mammoth Scrimshaw
Cost (USD): $149.00
Size: 2.5" x 2" x 1.75"

This small but dramatic lone bull mammoth has been scrimshawed by the artist on the mineralized, outer bark section of genuine fossil mammoth material. It took Don Meadows 11 hours, using a special stippling technique, to outline and fill his subject. The entire work is made up if tiny, single dots, which requires great patience and precision.

This beautiful art piece comes on a polished cherry wood stand (recycled wood). The fossil mammoth material, which is legal to buy and use in art, comes from Alaska and is over 10,000 years old.


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The ancestors of the two genera of modern elephants, a mammoth is any species related to the extinct genus Mammunthus. These huge mammals typically had long, curved tusks. Northern species - like the famous wooly mammoth - were also covered with long hair. They lived in North America, Asia, Europe and Africa between the Pliocene Epoch (5 million years ago) to the Holocene Epoch (about 4500 years ago.) Their extinction has been attributed, in large part, to hunting by our human ancestors.

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